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Toni Gates

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I am a self-taught visual artist born and raised in Kansas City.  I use multimedia materials to create abstract paintings and collage work which often features bright colors, trees and circles. 

Re-use is a part of my love language so I will give new life to thrifted frames and throw pillows to showcase my pieces in a sustainable way.

I find peace when making art and love using trees and circles in my work because their symbolic meanings represent; growth, prosperity, transformation, wisdom, unity, protection and strength.

I hope my art acts as daily reminders of these symbolic meanings that belong to everyone.


How will you live with your art?


Art Prints


Original abstract art prints

framed +  unframed 

Triangles Throw Pillow.png

At Home

genie bottle tote bag.png



Throw pillows, coasters,

coffee mugs, wall clocks,

stationary, notebooks/journals


Earrings, T-shirts, market bags,  tote bags, pencil / makeup pouches

Kind Words

"Toni Gates is the kind of artist whose art leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy, inspired and curious, and 100% blown away. She has taken the ideas of collage, pen and ink, doodles, drawings and high art, and has found a way to bring it into your home, or add it to a simple earring or coaster for your coffee. I just can't get enough. When you come to my house, you will ask, "who made that pillow?" PINKLYNN CREATIVE, BABY."

Sarah Tannehill-Anderson

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