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Toni Gates started coloring as a little girl, a fun pastime that grew to become a lifelong meditative practice.  She has always been aware of and intently studied her environment and the emotions expressed by the people around her.

Toni values bringing people together and celebrating their commonalities and differences. She has observed that most of us treasure our home and nature; finding peace in both. Additionally, she has found that people seem to long for connection to others to feel protected and whole. 

Her abstract, mixed media art often features bright colors, trees, circles, houses, sunsets and certain numbers which symbolically + spiritually represent equality, growth, unity, justice, the dawning of a new day and transformation. 

Largely self taught, a million years ago Toni briefly took art lessons from an area KC Art Institute grad and attended adult community figure drawing and still life classes.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Music Education, K-12 and a Master’s in Choral Conducting, and is a proud member of the African American Artists Collective Kansas City and Kansas City Artists Coalition. 


Member since June 2022

The mission of the African American Artists Collective is to support African American and Black artists in Kansas City, regionally and nationally.
The Collective will meet its mission by being a catalyst to: 
  • Advocating for African American and Black Artists in Kansas City Regionally and Nationally
  • Advancing & Encouraging African American and Black Arts Professional Development
  • Share Networking Opportunities and Provide Peer Support

Member since June 2022

The Kansas City Artists Coalition (KCAC) is a nonprofit organization that supports the professional growth of artists and promotes arts awareness in Kansas City region.  The Artists Coalition carries out its mission with proactive efforts to embrace differences of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, international origin, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, age, and gender.

Toni Gates

Toni Gates is a self-taught visual artist born and raised in Kansas City. She uses multimedia materials to create abstract paintings and collage work.

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